Green Reapers

Team picture is from Southern Florida RegionalWho we are

Founded in the fall of 2005, the Burncoat High School robotics team is not your typical robotics team. Instead of building robots designed to smash each other to bits the team is part of a competition where robots vie against each other to perform tasks before opposing teams.

Why we do it

The competition our team is part of is an internationally known organization called FIRST. It was founded by inventor Dean Kamen in the hope to inspire high school students to pursue careers in science and technology. We believe that by immersing our students in a real engineering challenge for six weeks shows them how cool it really is.

What we do

Each January the game that the robots are to play is released. Each year the game is different and a new robot has to be built. Once we know the game we start brainstorming about different strategies and what to build. This usually takes a week or two. After we’ve finalized all of our designs, we start building. Finally after six short weeks, the robot is complete and can not be touched until we arrive at the competition. In March we compete at the WPI Regional against dozens of teams from across New England.

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